Elsa Salonen

Everything Vanishes, Except Life Itself

bleached roses and delphiniums, their distilled colours, acrylic glass, glass
2014, 60x100x100 cm

The artist distilled colours from red roses and blue delphiniums. Using only these colours created, she painted a splash of colour on a white table. In addition, the artist bleached the very same flowers. They are shown in a glass vessel next to the painting. 

Technical consultancy / bleaching of flowers: Marja Koistinen, Finnish Museum of Natural History, Helsinki
Exhibition views: Salon Dahlmann, Berlin, 2014 / Photographer: Jere Salonen and Jochen Hempel Gallery, Leipzig, 2021 / Photographer: Björn Siebert

Of the eternal incorporeal substance nothing is changed, is formed or deformed, but there always remains only that thing which cannot be a subject of dissolution, since it is not possible that it be a subject of composition, and therefore, either of itself or by accident, it cannot be said to die.

Giordano Bruno, The Expulsion of the Triumphant Beast, 1584