Elsa Salonen

My First Notes on Javanese Deities

photocopies of flowers collected from Indonesia and their distilled colours, plastic, envelopes
2014, series of five, each 42x30 cm

The artist collected five different flowers in Java, Indonesia. Each flower was photocopied after which its colours were distilled. With the colours thereby achieved, the artist painted sheets of plastic to be shown on top of the related photocopy images. 

The project was commissioned by the Finnish Institute in Berlin for a group show Bilder zwischen den Zeilen. New work was posted from Indonesia to the show every fortnight for the duration of the exhibition.

Thematic consultancy / local animistic knowledge: anthropologist Patrick Vanhoebrouck and the artist's Javanese friends: e.g. Arif Abdurachman and Bawep Kapalatama
Technical consultancy / local dye plants: batik artist Bawep Kapalatama
Project location / artist-in-residence: Sewon Art Space, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Exhibition: Finnish Institute in Berlin, 2014