Elsa Salonen

Study of Eternal Cycle

a bleached rose and its distilled colours, glass, metal, light
2014, dimensions variable

The artist distilled the colours from the petals and leaves of a red rose. After this, the very same flower was bleached. Using only the strong red pigments of the petals and the weaker, yellowish pigments of the leaves, the artist painted three rounded laboratory glasses. In the exhibition space, a spotlight illuminates the painted glasses. In this way, the colours are reflected back to the bleached rose, which again appears vivid and red. 

In the circle of life, the vital energy doesn't perish, but continues its course eternally.

Technical consultancy / bleaching of flowers: Marja Koistinen, Finnish Museum of Natural History, Helsinki
Exhibition views: Adiacenze, Bologna, Italy, 2015 / Photographer: Jere Salonen